We are a digital media studio creating interactive narratives

Whether it be crafting your personal or professional profiles, communicating and educating, branding or content marketing, the art of StoryTelling is becoming ever more central to our digital lives. We specialize in creating memorable, transmedia narratives that communicate, educate, and connect.

Applications of our Craft

We have produced documentary instruction courses, courseware, MOOCs, enrollment marketing campaigns, content marketing, transmedia blogs, interactive caseware, online institutes, presentations, personal and professional social media profiles for individuals, companies, and organizations, investor presentations, and trailers.

Our Clients and Partners

We have managed productions and product design with global e-learning companies like Pearson and Wiley; executive education providers like Columbia Business School, the Kellogg School of Management; organizations like Engineers Without Borders, Open Washington and Creative Commons;  Nobel Prize winners and best selling authors and pundits, executives; LinkedIn Influencers; NSF grantees and philanthropic organizations to produce digital narratives for educating, communicating, branding and marketing.