Education and Professional Development

Collaborating with Columbia Business School to create Flipped Executive MBA and Executive Ed courses and a CaseWorks transmedia caseware title.

Collaborated with the CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business to produce a series of Sustainable Business Caseware products and marketing trailers.

Collaborated with the GW Law School, the School of Media and Public Affairs, the GW Online to produce MOOCs on OpenEdX and Coursera.

Collaborated with MVU to produce digital storytelling marketing trailers.

Produced an Open Documentary Instruction course for the Alumni College on the profound cultural impacts of 30 years of upheaval between WWI and WW2. Produced an e-Literate TV, Bill and Melinda Gates Supported case study on Middlebury’s brand of personalized learning.

Produced NSF funded Ethics in Engineering Design course for the Weldon School of Bio-Medical Engineering. Prime Ethics recognized as exemplary by National Academy of Engineering

Collaborated with the USC Provost Office to Produce and Deliver the Connecting with USC Scholars content marketing campaign.

Collaborating with the Kellogg School of Management on blended part time MBA and Executive MBA courses, the Kellogg Trust Project, and a Kellogg Case Publishing project.

Collaborated with SBCTC and Creative Commons with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to produce and deliver 6 Episodes on OER Policy

Collaborated with the College of Business and Economics to produce a Transmedia fund raising campaign.

e-Literate TV

IN THE TELLING is partnered with MindWires Consulting to produce e-Literate TV, a higher education professional development network focused on educational technology change management.

MOOC Research Initiative

IN THE TELLING and MindWires are working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Siemens to produce e-Literate TV segments on the research results from the MOOC Research Initiative.

MindWires has a new BMGF grant to produce 6 e-Literate TV Case studies on Personalized learning in Higher Education.


Online learning partner with the Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine producing and delivering a Flipped, Narrative Platform certification program on Prolotherapy for MD’s and Orthopedic medicine practitioners.

EWB-USA’s online learning development partner. Producing and delivering a Global Development Engineer Professional Skills certification program. EWB-USA has over 12,000 member and 200 chapters dedicated to building basic infrastructure in the developing world.

Partnered with NCS to produce and deliver Sustainability Leadership training and business education courseware. Hunter Lovins is the author of over 25 pioneering books on Sustainable Business practices. She develops strategic sustainability plans for corporations, governments and curriculum for colleges and businesses.

Partnered with SBC to produce and deliver Sustainable Business Transmedia Courseware titles. First two titles – Introduction to Sustainable Business and Employee Engagement

Pearson LearningSolutions Partner - Integrated with Learning Studio and Open Class offering flipped and online services. Developing flipped and online program solutions for George Washington University.

Partnered to produce and deliver a Patent Law MOOC taught by Chief Judge Randall Rader, GW Law School professor and West casebook author, exploring documentary instruction caseware.

Partnered with Wiley to produce Transmedia Courseware Episodes integrated with Wiley Plus Learning Space courseware titles.

Partnered with School Climate Solutions to produce and deliver a teacher professional development series on Bullying Prevention.