The Transmedia Studio

No two narrativesĀ are the same, but there are some best practices and methodologies we deploy from documentary and commercial film makingĀ to design and produce stories that leave indelible impressions.

Transmedia Narrative Productions


Our team of digital media production professionals support our clients in the art of transmedia storytelling. Imagine you have a production studio to translate your message with animations, supporting images, slides, readings, links and other media that deeply engages students attention. Our preproduction process coordinates schedules, filming locations, creative treatments, and transmedia curation.


People around the world are sophisticated, mobile media consumers. Creating professional quality content for mobile and social media is more then expensive cameras and technology. It takes visual narrative design, direction and planning to break away from talking head video and into engaging storytelling.

Post Production - Telling Story Authoring

Once your filming is complete our Design team begins editing, transcribing, animating, sequencing transmedia and authoring into the digital delivery platform of choice.


The final step is quality assurance testing and publishing your content into a cloud, streaming, learning management or MOOC platform.

Services Menu

As a Transmedia Storytellers we specialize in designing stories that traverse a wide range of media types: video, slides, eBooks, digital documents, web resources, formative assessments, comments, images. We work with technologies like the Narrative Platform from Narrasys to synthesize layered stories that use appropriate media to deepen the story.

Video Production

We produce broadcast quality video using documentary and commercial video techniques. Multiple camera shoots.

Documentary Instruction Design

We use instructional designers combined with media producers to design transmedia narrative instruciton

Motion Graphics and Animation Augmentation

We work with existing video to upgrade it with bumpers, BRoll, and motion graphics to bring narrative depth to the content


We do human transcription of video and apply a rigorous QA process to insure accuracy

Content Marketing

We create video and transmedia narratives for creating layered content marketing.

Transmedia Narrative Enrollment Marketing

We've undertaken several enrollment marketing projects with our educational partners creating trailers from transmedia courses we've developed.

Transmedia Profiles

We produce Transmedia Profiles for individuals and organizations in LinkedIN, Facebook, Goggle +

Online Academy Development

We have partnered with professional to create transmedia narrative centric online academies.

Grapahic Design

We design and develop slides, presentations, eBooks, and graphics to add transmedia depth to video narratives.

Platform Authoring

We work with a wide array of delivery platforms to build courses and transmedia narratives. Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, OpenEdX, Narrative Producer, Indesign, etc.